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6 without limits

3 way in-ear with 6 drivers

Our “6” driver in-ear monitor is the latest addition under the Variphone series. From our series offers this one the most ‘headroom’, a sound that will delight to many artists in the studio or during live performance. As the name suggests, built with 6 drivers in each earpiece, driven by a 3-way crossover. In terms of dynamics, this one is truly unique in its price range. Very detailed, thanks to the fine-tuning of the entire sound spectrum, which still wink at the deep bass, balanced mids and crystal clear highs. Developed and manufactured in our Labs Variphone International Peer (BE). That is why we can guarantee the best quality and service. “The 6 driver” is fully customized with numerous options of your choice. Obviously the replaceable cables , solid aluminum storage box and the necessary cleaning accessories are in a standard delivery.

119 dB/SPL
10 Hz - 20 kHz
18 ohm
6 gebalanceerde drivers met 3 weg crossover
Design Henk Baetsen
Ontwikkeling Michiel Lucas