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AM Pro 20

Universal 2-way in-ear monitor

Until now performers have had to choose between a dedicated in-ear monitor mix or an ambient experience. Now, you can hear and feel the energy and input from the audience, fellow performers and the stage—together with the incredible audio clarity, frequency response, and punch that only a Westone In-Ear Musicians’ Monitor can provide. Traditional open vent ambient monitors compromise and degrade the frequency response of an in-ear monitor. With Westone’s exclusive SLED™ technology, you are in control of your musical environment. Enjoy full-range frequency response from your in-ear monitor signal, hear and feel your surroundings, and engage with fellow performers and your audience like never before. Recommended for on-stage monitoring and band practice.

19 dB @ 1 mW
20 Hz - 18 kHz
27 ohm
Twee gebalanceerde drivers met een passieve cross-over
Ambient kanaal, vervangbare kabel
Design Henk Baetsen
Ontwikkeling Michiel Lucas