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Nanocomm 2G

Ultra-lichtgewicht, op maat gemaakte headset voor de luchtvaart.

NanoComm GA is an ultra-lightweight, custom-made aviation headset. The NanoComm GA weighs only 4g, which is less than 3% of the weight of a standard GA headset.

The headset features a 2.8mm diameter boom microphone, coupled with a custom-moulded MEP 2G/INDUSTRIAL 2G earpiece in each ear, which ensures an extremely comfortable t when used for extended periods.

The NanoComm GA features a ‘Shape & Stay’ exible boom microphone for clear, noise free communications, as well as a quick-release lanyard, with cables running inside to each ear, thus keeping cables tidy. Every NanoComm GA is also tted with PJ055 & PJ068 jack plugs as standard (other connectors available).m makkelijk op de MEP 2G aangesloten worden.

4 gram
'Shape & Stay' flexible boom
Custom made silicone eartips
Design Henk Baetsen
Ontwikkeling Michiel Lucas